In this section, we will talk about strictly workouts. These will all be workouts that I have found online or have personally done, so most will be supplemented with the videos, images,  and/or articles that  I looked at for guidance. Make sure to really STUDY the form and pay attention to how the exercises are done, this is what will give you maximum gains out of the exercise you are performing. ALL the workouts are workouts that I would recommend doing and that I, personally, do on my own. So, give it all you got and prepare to get FIT!


At-Home Workout

Equipment needed: Dumbbells

Wanna get in shape, but feel like you don’t have any free time on your hands? Then, at-home workouts are for you. Gyms can be intimidating and even a hassle to get to. So, why deal with that mess when you can do a quick and effective workout from home? Dumbbells (sometimes referred to by their weight lifting acronym, DB) are the ideal equipment for at-home workouts. They take up hardly any space and are relatively affordable. You can probably even pick up a cheap pair at a garage sale! So, don’t make up any excuses for not feeling healthy or being in shape. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Here’s a great, simple routine I found on youtube that can be a killer start to a new you:


30 Day Squat Challenge


If you’re asking who Jen Selter is right now, then you’re probably not an Instagram user. Jen is very open about the fact that her butt has led to her success.  She is a 20-year-old who is self-made and has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram all because of, more or less, the size and shape of her booty. As you can see from the picture above, she has made great strides since 2010. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what hard work and dedication looks like. For all the girls out there who say, “I wish my butt looked like that,” here is a prime example of what you can achieve through exercise. Your body is a piece of clay, you can mold it into whatever you want, to an extent. Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “ It is the mind that visualizes of what the body are to look like as the finished product” (can be heard in this great video about visualization). 




Chest & Tris Workout

I usually warm-up with pull ups. I got this from the Navy man himself, Andrew Phillips (pictured above). It’s a personal preference, just do an exercise that’ll get your blood flowing and get you moving. You don’t wanna pull a muscle at the beginning of your workout. That’s dangerous.

First exercise: The Ego Booster, aka the Bench Press.

So once you’re done boosting your ego and getting in the zone, it’s time to focus and SQUEEZE your muscle. This will help it grow.

While we let the first muscle we trained (the chest) recover, we’re going to hit another muscle so we don’t waste time (the triceps; pictured above).

This may look like the previous exercise, but it feels way different and hits the muscle a different way. Keep your body guessing and keep it interesting!

Once you feel recovered, it’s time to go right back with another chest exercise. This slight incline will work a whole different part of your chest! It’s all about switching the angles and varying the way you do exercises.

Using the same bench, same angle, now we can go back and work our triceps. It’s that easy!

After we single out each muscle group, I like to incorporate exercises at the end of the workout that target BOTH the muscles that we’re working on. Still, same bench, same angle, just a different way of doing an exercise.

Again, same concept, this exercise works BOTH the triceps and chest. I usually finish off with a bodyweight exercise so I can fully exhaust my muscles and burn out.



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